Re: Betulinic acid -- birch bark is easy to find!!

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Posted by Judy Merin on March 27, 1998 at 07:45:29:

In Reply to: Betulinic acid -- birch bark is easy to find!! posted by Amy Pagnozzi on July 22, 1997 at 15:22:19:

: A company on the Internet called Calbiochem sells betulinic acid but they
: will not sell it to you if you tell them it's for human use and they sell
: it in five milliliter quantities for $85 (understandable since they're
: expecting you'll be injecting it into mice). I didn't buy it. I am sure you
: can decoct it yourself or get a chemist to decoct it for you far far cheaper
: from birch bark or, BTW, Zizyphus Mauritiana (Indian Jujube, but make sure
: it's BARK, not seeds) but I'm not even bothering, I'm going with straight
: bark, which contains 20 per cent betulin. (if I find a chemical supplier
: that sells betulinic acid cheaper I will post it, though).
: You can buy birch bark at stores that sell bulk herbs, which are in pretty
: much every major city. You can also buy it in bulk at many many herb
: providers on the internet, cheaper than I'm buying it in NY. I'm giving it
: to my mother, who has stage 4 melanoma, internally, and as a poultice mixed
: with dandelion (she has high blood pressure) and dmso (in order to deliver
: it to her very large nodule and satellites). I am also giving her the
: Hoxsey blood and lymphatic cleansing formula, you can buy that ready made
: and in places where you can't it is quite easy to make it from bulk herbs.
: For the tea, you take about an oz. of birch bark a day, add three cups water
: boil, let it sit overnight, drink it. For the poultice you should do a two
: parts birch bark to two parts whole wheat flower to one part slippery elm.
: Mix it over the stove till creamy, then add a drop at most of birch bark oil
: (which you NEVER take internally) and then add your DMSO. I'm using a couple
: of teaspoons. Her tumor is really really huge, but since DMSO is a solvent
: that takes anything it touches down to the bone, make sure any body part
: you put it on is clean, and that the gauze you are wrapping the poultice in
: is also clean.
: I can't say for sure, we should have measured, it's only been a few days
: but Mom thinks her tumor is shrinking and that her satellites are less red.
: She also feels really really good: don't know if this is the birch bark or
: the Hoxsey formula. Since her cancer is inoperable (they'd have to take her
: entire foot off to get the whole tumor, and there's metastasis all over the
: place), as soon as they do a biopsy to freeze some of it so she can later
: get a vaccination we are going to attempt to remove it ourselves using
: something called Black Salve (the old time remedy for skin cancer, which,
: incidentally, also contains birch bark). I've seen several naturopaths and
: they say the salve really works but that it stings. I am having them
: mix it up for me professionally but I did see an Internet Source for it,
: I believe they also sell the Hoxsey formula but the company seems pretty
: pricey, I'd go with a naturopath if I could find one. BTW, the internal
: Hoxsey Formual recipe is at
: I think it's patented -- health food stores sell an extract called
: Red Clover-Stillingia Compound that is identical ... oh, just remembered
: I also use a dropperful of this extract in Mom's poultice.

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