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Sasha & Nikolai - a Love Story

Sasha Natasha's Hope

born December 17, 2001

Nikolai Micha's Legacy

born October 15, 1998

Sasha (left) & Nikolai (right)

Sasha (right) & Nikolai (left)


Puppy Anya (bottom-left), Puppy Alec (bottom-center), Daddy Nikolai (bottom-right) & Moma Sasha (top) in Pup Pool mid 2004

Puppy Anya (bottom-left), Puppy Alec (bottom-center), Daddy Nikolai (bottom-right) & Mama Sasha (top) in 2004


Sasha & Niki - Proud Parents

December 4 & 5, 2002

Born where ? - Moma's $550 Whelping Box Condo:

Sasha's $550 Whelping Box/Condo in Grandfurdaddy Ron's Bedroom

Who was born?

 December 7, 2002 - Puppies are now 2 days old

Moma Sasha gave birth to her 1st baby at 11:37 p.m. on December 4, 2002, the other 6 puppies were born between 2:20 a.m. and 6:37 a.m. December 5, 2002.

Sasha & Nikolai have:

2 Gray/White Girls

1 Black/White Girl

1 Gray/White Boy


3 Black/White Boys


2 Red/White Boys

& 1 Black/White Boy

Thank you, to everyone that participated in Sasha & Niki's journey into parenthood and in particular to the members of the Husky-4-Life group at yahoogroups.com who were with us even during every minute of Sasha's 7+ hours of labor and delivery!

More Photos:

The Whelping Box/Condo:

Whelping Box Condo frame is almost finishedWhelping Box Condo get's first walls - Sasha tries things out

Pregnant Sasha on a Sofa Break:

Pregnant Moma on a sofa break

Thanksgiving Day, 2002 & Sasha's Birthday/Puppy Shower at Don & Mary Conley's house (Ron's identical twin brother):

Sasha's traveling outfit

Thanksgiving Table is set for the Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving Table is Set 

Everyone Eating - except doggie guests who are outside playing

Thanksgiving humans eat while doggie guests visit outside 

From left to right: Matthew (with cake), Sasha, Uncle Ron & Melissa

Matt (with cake), Sasha & Uncle Ron, & Melissa at the Puppy Shower / Birthday Party

Matt, Uncle, Sasha (sampling the puppy shower gifts) & Melissa doing the feeding

Matt & Uncle Ron on the sideline while Sasha & Melissa discuss whose presents these really are!

Tired new Moma Sasha & babies - 7:00 a.m. December 6, 2002

Moma Sasha around 7 a.m. December 6, 2002 - Very Tired!

After Delivery - a feeding frenzy of puppies, Moma says, "I quit":

New Puppy Pictures:

 Mass feeding time

 Black/White Girl & Black/White Boy give up for sleep

 Three Out - Four In, Batter Up!

 See the little Silver Girl - 2nd from right

 Momas tired, Silver Girl still suckling, all others sleeping

 A BIG Gray/White Girl sleeps with her BIG Black/White Sister    

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