Our Siberian Huskies

As you can tell these are our most prized possesions. The picture below is Micha's first birthday party. Yes, our dogs get a real live birthday party most years. Their parties are the biggest and the best. Friends say that our pups get better parties than they do. We lost Micha to cancer and renal failure Saturday, June 13, 1998. He left, as he wanted to in the arms of those who loved him best.

Nautical's Micha born August 10, 1985


Sno-mate Natasha born April 19, 1988

This is Natasha, Micha's mate. She is our pretty girl and the apple of her Daddy's eye. Natasha is our breast cancer survivor.

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Melissa, Natasha, Matt & Niki - Christmas 1998

Melissa, Natasha, Matt & Nikolai Christmas 1998.  Nikolai, (Niki) looks a lot like Micha.

Micha as a pup. November 1985.


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