Happy 5th



"If you make me keep this stupid hat on for one more minute I'm calling the SPCA on a cruelty to animals charge!"


Niki enjoys some yummy Carrot! Carrot! Cake… mmm…


Niki eats a 2nd piece of Carrot! Carrot! cake.

It was so good we had to have a 2nd slice of that cake!

Bowl licking good, Daddy Niki!


Anya (top left) licks out all the empty bowls.  Sasha and Alec (at bottom) wait for more cake.

The party crowd is a little disappointed.

Isn’t there any more cake?

So what do we do now?


Anya (top left), Alec (bottom left), and Daddy Niki (bottom right) all look for cake crumbs. Mama Sasha (center) just day dreams.

We all hunt for cake crumbs! Duh!!

Well everyone except for Mama Sasha, who just sits there remembering how good it all was.


Happy Oktoberfest, Halloween and on to a great 2003 Holiday Season everyone!


Ron & Family


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